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The words:

"I want my husband back"

Are becoming a little to common, and that is a very sad thing.
Please know that you have my empathy, I do hear your cry.

Having those feelings that you have lost your husband and husband won't try to work things out!

Leaving you with the big "why" hanging in your mind does make it so hard to see things clearly. It makes it hard for everybody that surrounds you.
If you don't have children to your husband then "thank god" because this traumatizes them greatly also.

All around the world we are experiencing the same thing, and it is a cycle! That needs to be addressed and educated to be able to change, to gain the "true love" that partnership and marriage should be.

When husbands leave their wives it is usually from the temptation of another woman, which is morally wrong, or it is from a major breakdown in communication, and the inability to understand and provide each others needs, which leads to not spending quality time and enjoying each others company.

The general attitude seems to be, "we are married now, she'll be right" and give all our attention to everything else in life,
like our friends and family in need, the children,
and even your career as just a couple of examples.

With the examples of what life is like today this is not a surprise, you know, with all the drama on TV, and websites full of temptation, even your own role models may not be the greatest of advisers.

You can get your husband back if that is what you truly desire!

And I can offer you some immediate suggestions to begin that quest,
the first thing I suggest is the most relevant!

Stop the "I want my husband back " thinking, and begin the "I am getting my husband back" positive thoughts!!!

There is one thing for sure here, and that is that you know that you do still love your husband and really want to have another chance to put things right in your marriage.

What really needs to happen, is that you need to find some happiness right NOW!

The reason for this is simple, not sounding horrible here but please ponder this.
Would you consider going back to someone who is not happy.
Making your husband return is about using:

psychological tactics,
and honesty...

Breaking the cycle means to evaluate your relationship with complete honesty, and having the courage to admit where you may have gone wrong and what you could have done better.

That's not letting your husband of the hook for the faults that he may have had, but you need to only address what is yours,
He can and will address his when he feels like he is missing out!

Love is all that brings happiness in this life, it has more worth than any perfume, or designer shoes and the only thing that will bring your husband back is your willingness to learn how to make changes for the well being of your love.

The main fault that drives couple's apart in communication is expressing our feelings with blame! 
For example when you are having a debate with a loved one, the focus in the conversation is always "you" you said this, or you were doing that!
You are blaming me!

The art to effectively communicate with feeling has gone out the door, and using the "you" thing really throws things off what the argument may have been about!
Resulting in anger and resentment from feeling like the blame is all one sided. By concentrating on the word "I" in moments like these helps to keep the focus on how you feel!

When you say I want my husband back, it is a sign of being needy, not that being needy is a bad thing, but it is something that you should be aware of, the last thing you want to get a husband back, is for him to think that!

The best of marriages are those that have hard times, and learn how to get threw them.
Nothing is impossible! you just need to realize your worth, and your husbands worth!

You can reach what your heart truly desire's...
What I highly recommend now is that you start out learning to repair the wound you have, that may be the restriction stopping you to get back with your husband!


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