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Why men suffer from commitment phobia

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Why are there:

Commitment Phobic Men

A situation where the man in a relationship doesn’t want to commit is not very rare.

In fact this typical kinda fella can be great lovers,

great partners,

great companions,

however when it comes to giving a commitment,

they often take a step back. Or run the other way

A man can suffer from commitment phobia owing to different reasons;

  truly genuine, and non-genuine. PHOBIA’S

It could well be a bad taste of experience, from fear, etc.

In this article, we will try and find out the reasons that make commitment phobic men!

overcome commitment phobia

The main reasons for which a man may turn commitment phobic are:

*Seeing through parents/close aids’ divorces

*Fear of ending up being in a bitter relationship

*What they see through different media means, what they hear from peers about the misery of committed relationships

*A want for new sexual encounters

*Damaging previous relationships that included unfaithfulness, abuse, or rejection

*Fear of taking up responsibilities

*Attachment issues

*Fear of losing personal freedom and space


*Difficulty trusting others

*Not feeling ready due to career demands and other obligations

Men are often found to be fast and strong to get into a relationship in the beginning, but slowly that passion for the relationship fades.

They may be quick to move onto another relationship from one,

hence not allowing them time to even analyze what went wrong in the previous relationship.

Some may even step back to give a commitment due to fear of being hurt (from an earlier experience).
One of the main contributors to the reason of commitment phobia is experience.

We learn what we see.

The fear of commitment in men

who have been raised in a situation where he has seen his parents being in a bad relationship leaves a big impact.
Relationships are always about adjustments.

Commitment-phobia can also take the form of confusing excitement with anxiety.

Men often feel nervous to offer a commitment since they fear getting hurt.

They don’t want to be emotionally pained in a case where the relationship doesn’t work out.
At times, men may even not want to commit to a relationship since they get sheer thrills by wanting to date multiple women.

This desire to date multiple women may also arise out of sexual desires.
As mentioned above, there are different reasons for a man not getting into a commitment, but one must understand that all relationships should end in togetherness, as it’s all about love and affection in a relationship.

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