Divorce Effects Kids! How Will Divorce Affect My Kids

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kid crying from divorceHow divorce effects kids and what kind of imprint can it have on their life.

As a child divorce affects kids in many different way. But the most prominent in my mind is the memories of the FEELING of believing that a whole half of what you are! It Leaving, Lost, Gone.

And That’s an undeniable truth of what causes the many problems of how divorce effects children.

It has become a mission, to write for a passion of mine!

And that is to make an honest attempt to to get into the hearts of all possible readers. And if you are Reading this article for some Questions and Answers then that’s great. I would first like you to know that I have a world of sympathy for you! To be in the situation of Divorce or separation, uncovers one of the most heartache of emotions, most will ever have to experience.

How Do I Know How Divorce effects Kids

The man behind this story has experienced the separation of a once was to be my one and only, and the unfortunate of being separated from the most precious gifts that life has got to offer! I have 1 step son and 2 very beautiful girls, that I can only say, That once a week is not Enough!

And being someone who grew up with out his father, having the opportunity for much reflect in regards to myself and my still much loved Partner.

I became compelled to learn the whys in life?

A very much overlooked conversation in the matters of he heart!

At the age of 32.  And believe that I have learned to be wise, in the subject of love and heartache.

To start experiencing these types of emotions at a young age can lead to anti social behavior’s. This is said from factual experience, and communicating with others.

In fact I am a regular participant now at “yahoo answers” and “ask.com” just to help keep the chins up on just some of the kids who are pleading for some other form of attention by other means!.

  Than what they see as “PROBLEMS”, “Mom and dad”.

A lot complain that they have moved due to there parents getting a divorce, and they hate there new town, they get bullied, they think its all there fault, e.t.c, the list can really go on!

I really feel for these Kids, it’s not there fault, it’s not your fault either! You know life, it’s like a box of chocolate’s, you never know what is going to happen. And I know that what seems to be a really good relationship can fall over for the silliest things.  Also not to mention that so many are getting into marriage and long term relationships not really knowing each others individual needs! Which leads to communication breakdown, tension, anger and a lot of other unnecessary emotions.

We have only one Life, and if we have children they to only have only one Life!

And the Love that each Individual family shares is the love that you have your “Life share’s” in.

I would really like it if you would ask yourself these questions:,


Have you been able to communicate at a level of calm, and truthful honesty?,

Have you looked at yourself to see if it was worth some kind of change?.

The question that I had to ask myself…

Was my life,

My relationship

Were my children…???

Was whether we were living with similar Circumstances than that of MY past?

On true reflection it became understanding to me that I needed to learn to deal with my Love in a whole new way!

For me to become a person that I loved, made it a whole lot easier for others to love me also!

I would like to share with you now the purpose of this article, the place that I was able to learn some real understanding of creating a true personal relationship, and finding that emotion of true love again.

And even if you are not even going to consider a reconciliation. I highly from the bottom of my heart, recommend you take a look at what you can change! For what your love is worth, what you will become understanding to is priceless.

Love Is Our Life… We have to Make It Not Break it

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4 thoughts on “Divorce Effects Kids! How Will Divorce Affect My Kids”

  1. Hi Richard.

    Well certainly if the situation has become loveless to the extent of no return, or where a person’s character is compromised from temptations like drugs, alcohol, gambling or strange sexual desire’s then this cant be overlooked.
    But when it is the common case of being un-happy for a whatever, and often selfish hidden reasons then, the best thing all round is to step back and work to a fresh start…

    KEEP THAT FAMILY ALIVE!<<<<< Is where I am at.

  2. Thanks for sharing. My family broke apart when I was 11, after many years of conflict, often violent, between my mom and dad. While a part of me felt relieved that one of the antagonists had decided to go, there was another part of me that felt this immense and irreversible feeling of loss and helplessness and not being able to keep it from happening. It was the first time I had ever experienced anything so dramatic, and I likened it to death. 

    In the long-run, my parents made the correct decision, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the trauma from that period of my life I carry to this day. Baggage which must be dealt with.,

    Thanks again, and all the best,


    1. Hi Normen.

      I really appreciate you opening up like that, regarding your inner truths from when you were a child. Many adults today, I find do their damnedest to keep them well hidden. I can assure you my friend the more you speak it out the more you will feel released from that effect you had from divorcing parents…

      All the best. Rob

  3. This is a serious problem that is on the increase. The human toll divorce takes is one that is not easily quantified and articles like this certainly put the problem into perspective and give some indication as to the potential hard it can cause.

    I would like to ask though, in your opinion, given the severe impact on children resulting from a divorce, do you think that it would be better for parents to stay in a loveless marriage in support of the children or should they risk the potentials as written in the article to find happiness for themselves?

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