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How Can I Save My Marriage?

I find it real hard to comprehend the problems!

That there becomes a need in our lives to want a divorce!

Its not that I don t understand, because I have been there!

But its more to the fact that we do not get taught, the basic fundamentals to have the ability to live life happily.

Marriage is all about, as you would no:

commitment, trust, respect, appreciation, love, and patience.can i save my marriage confused

Please read carefully how you can

stop your divorce, and save your marriage

starting today…

However for you to know these things would be one thing,
but to remember them for always, is another…

Dealing with our problems can be a daunting task,
and sometimes obviously not so easy.

It does not have to be that way, sometimes you just need to step back to see what the real problems are.

Marriage and life should be what “you” make of it,
if you want your life to be better in any way, then you just need to educate yourself in the area that you desire. At the end of everyday…


With marriage, we are dealing with two different people, that understand things in a very different way.

It is the misunderstandings that lead to you needing to
stop your divorce, and save your marriage.

Saving your marriage should have a more higher priority to you than say,
saving your job, or getting a new car, a new pair of shoes or whatever!

It is for better or worse!
With perhaps the exception of abuse,
However, general your general problems CAN be solved!

Taking a step back to have an honest reflection on what is actually going wrong with the two of you, can help you to realize what the real and deep reasons are for not getting along at this point.

Often in hostility, the real problems get blinded by anger!

And the natural defensive response, which is the biggest relationship KILLER. Which is,


Blame is always the killer,
There has got to be none of that.

You can only learn how to see past that blame to find the reasons of any given problem! If you want to fix a relationship…can i save my marriage free ebook


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You need the courage to change the things that you can change,
the things that you may be responsible for
and accept the things that you cannot.

If you have kids in your marriage then this should be a good enough reason for you to want to go all out!

→Do you want them to go threw the same cycle? ←

There feelings and needs should be the most important things to consider in the decision of on can I save my marriage.
But I probably don t need to stipulate that.

You do have the desire to stop your divorce, and save your marriage.

Which is a quality I admire.
Life becomes very short when we have a continuous emotional battle, I personally wish I learned a little more about life and love before I made
such a commitment…



Your marriage could be redeemed transformed and YES it would be one worth living.

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