I Want My Wife Back: LEARN How To Get My Wife Back After Separation Skills

The reality of your wife getting another guy is only a matter of time: This page contains information to inspire and help men understand that if they want a REAL LOVE MARRIAGE?  Sometimes your guard has to be taken down so that your “i want my wife back from separation” desire can be a reality and you can put an end to:

  • unhealthy,
  • sadI want my wife back from separation before she gets another guy
  • and sick feelings cease to continue throughout this life.

You can either take it from a guy who has cried his eyes out yelling to god saying I Want My Wife Back!  PLEASE I am Sooo desperate.

Or you can ignore the real advice, and piss off and read some of that crap out there designed to fool you. This very article is from the original source and has been responsible helping thousands since 2008.



Become The Better Man

  Going threw the experience of loosing a wife!
The woman you choose as your queen!

  • Ive been there! Done That…
  • And I’m going to explain everything I know. About!
  •  The NEED to get my wife back from separation, and you do to.?

There are a some realizations that are imperative to understand! Here are my basic facts: of the COST of my wife walking out on me.

god I want my wife back from seperation please lord help me

 It was a tragedy that had cost me my sanity for more than over a year. 

     My wife and I have two very gorgeous girls, who I love with all my heart!
And a step son whom has been mine since he was one!

They were everything I had, that had any meaning to my soul
My life was in agony and sorrow…

Sometimes I would wake up some mornings with tears, and say “Lord, “I want my wife back
The power of that sorrow was controlling the way I lived my life…

I spent so much my time with thoughts of what I could have done to keep the love of my wife!

Who I believed was my soul mate.

It was not until I lost her when I started thinking, only if I had done this,
or only if I didn’t do that!

i want my wife from separation but I have to change

I Want My Wife Back From Separation Or Divorce Before It Too LATE!

There is an old saying that I used to ignore, that we all know but as life goes nowadays, we all seem to ignore! that goes:

“you don’t know what you have got, until it has gone”

That ignorance had cost me my life!
My only wish was for you to help me get me my wife back.Stuck in love, the only feeling I knew, was that one of regret! Anybody please help me win back the love of my wife.

There is only one fact that remains to be seen, I must do what it takes to be:

Every bit of advice that you read on how to get my wife back, they make it quite clear of one thing!

You! need to be the 100% positive you, before you make any move!!.

This would be the best thing you could ever do for yourself, even if you don’t get the results that you want! I will not mention how much it has effect on my kids, but the one thing I know is I have put them at risk, of learning to live the same!

Hey, I am a guy who has been there and Genuinely Just Want To HELP!

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Life is something that we learn, and deep down I knew I was not the husband that I should have been.???

It takes the courage of 1000 men to to look into your soul, but I will tell you now, learning the strategies to get it in control, gives you the power of those 1000 MEN!!!

The principle’s of love are universal, as is the difference of being a man or a woman. There are similarity’s in the way we act, and react among all cultures and nationality’s!

All you guys who say, “I want my wife back from separation”. ??? You have got to get help, when you are feeling sad, because life is to short, for living when your love is bad

recovering from a broken marriage, along with learning to understand how females work! Learning this kind of knowledge, and having a plan, makes it so much more easier to get YOUR wife back!

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Don’t Let PROCRASTINATION be the block Wall for helping you to

Get Back Your The Love Of Your Wife

Lets look at the ways how to win my wife back during separation. Strategies that ACTUALLY work, and are proven over and over to be The only method for doing, to get through the core reason’s you were having problems that caused the relationship to end in departure of you and your wife.

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8 thoughts on “I Want My Wife Back: LEARN How To Get My Wife Back After Separation Skills

  1. Hence the name here Blakey. changing the cycle dot com bro.

    The climb in divorce, separation, child suicide etc. Its not a Funny and I believe my drive not just comes from experience, but that of order from God himself as its his love in which should be the rule in love and life…

    Thanks for stopping by
    Regards Rob

  2. I certainly agree that both parties in a breakup should move through the five stages of loss as fast as they can manage.  The five stages are places of growth, but once you move past them, the real work begins.  

    The work of going back to a positive mindset and working to correct the wrongs that you can correct that caused the breakup (women usually won’t acknowledge this, but both sides are usually to blame).

    It really reminds me of a quote from the business philosopher Jim Rohn. “In order for things to change, you have to change.  And in order for things to get better, you have to get better.”

    Keep fighting the good fight and making it happen. 

    1. Thanks for the positive words Sean. I think many folks really like to hear reassurance like that. And you are absolutely right about how women find it more difficult to find the wrongs. The approach and advice to help them see it like this is entirely different which took a lot of understanding.

  3. Sometimes we are quick to walk away when things get rough in this day and age when divorce rates are high.  We all make mistakes and the only way to fix them is to stop pointing fingers and look at ourselves. You are right, one must fix themselves before they can fix someone or something else and we must look within and find our self again and better our self to grow. By realizing what we had we it is gone we realize why it is important to fight for and gives the opportunity to right our wrongs and move forward. People are repulsed by negatively and attracted to success! 

    1. So cool and you sure are a wild find”)
      I love what you have pointed out here. “DISCOVER SELF AGAIN” is the mostly overlooked understanding as it is far too easy to get lost in a high stressed relationship that spiral out of control.

      Thanks a bunch for a great add here.

  4. Robert,

    I must say I commend you for putting this out there most men do not care enough about anyone else but themselves and would just sit around crying the same line over and over.  Sometimes you want someone back in your life because quite frankly they have become a habit and are they seriously good for you?  People can change if they love someone enough but the other person has to be willing to accept some faults of theirs along the way.

    Good advise and honestly keep up the good work men and women do need to hear and learn these things.


    1. Thank you Susan:)

      I am a straight shooter and have spent many many hours in reflection. I don’t see many other sites offering the right advice. So here I am soldiering on to “HELP” and offer a direction that does more than a temporary fix.

      Many Blessings Rob

  5. I know what it feels like to love someone and to be separated from that person for the rest of your life… it’s heartbreaking, and yes, growing, maturing, healing, and moving on is a must because life goes on… and, like you touched on, sometimes there are children that look to you for an example… it is true that if you keep rehashing the pain in your mind, you will continue to feel that pain… but you can’t go around with those feelings, work through them instead because going through is sometimes the only way that leads to true healing… You have to forgive, not just them, but yourself… Let it make you better, not bitter… Great article… Thanks for sharing!

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