Getting Back With My Ex Wife Back, Was!

Breaking The Cycle
I was sick and tired of making up and breaking up!


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REAL LIFE REFLECTIONS My wife and I were hurting each other for many unhappy years! Something had to give or forget

The fact that getting back with my ex wife was always important to me there were many hurdles that I never new were relevant, if I wanted to end all the pain and arguing that I thought the whole world could hear.

Life sure can be challenging when clouds like this never blow away. I was at a point in my life, when all I could think of was, “I want my wife back from our separation“!

And I do have to say it was one of the worst emotional times I had ever experienced…


There were times where I couldn’t get myself to do anything! Life just sucked, and everything I wanted was gone and lost forever.

It seemed there was no way I was getting back with my ex wife. After a serious breakup with somebody you love, and BELIEVED you could have spent the rest of your life with!

Is the most ALONE feeling EVER…

Depression did indeed have a strong hold on me for a long time! However it DID give me cause to do a MAJOR reflection of why my life had turned out this way…

It is what I had realized within my reflections! That does have the most significance in, I would have to say ALL loving breakups!!!

That is if you are mature, and brave enough to face this reality for what it is…

In my memory, my love problems started way back when I was just 2 years old…
I can remember sitting on my daddy’s knee (crying) and him telling me that I won’t be seeing him for a long time.
He was moving away…

My MOM and DAD had broken up…  And then…  DIVORCED!

I hardly saw my father after that, and life with my mother was! Well lets just say, that it was a life with lot’s of difficulties, sadness and confusion…

I could and eventually will on this website go into great detail! Because my >Passion< NOW! Is to help people break free from negative love relationships, and reach the the young children of our day any and every way possible!

But I just want to make my point clear! About the,”Breaking The Cycle”  Bit..

My Personal Getting Back With Ex My Wife Catastrophic Experience OF Reflection

I ended up with two other “step fathers” to contend with. All my life I was witness to fighting and arguing!!!

  • I Saw Breaking Up
  • And I saw 5 minute make ups
  • I seen it with my parents
  • I see it with my sisters and my brothers
  • I see it with my cousins
  • and uncle’s and aunty’s
  • Not to mention my friends
  • And YOU!You are here because of it???

getting back with my ex wife healing from a broken heartAnd to have a quick look into the past of My soul mates, influence of  having a “loving” relationship!

Her parents did stay together, but there was lots of the arguing and alcohol! With perhaps a case of EXTREME confusion for her and her siblings!!!

THE MORAL of the story concludes, with the fact that neither of us grew up with a POSITIVE example of being “INLOVE“!!!???

We both became adults who were Unhappy, and turned to drugs and alcohol, to make life bearable!  Our relationship was like a rocky roller-coaster ride, with smooth “patches” and we get off after a crash! Let our wounds get buried, and look at each-other, and get magnified straight back in for another round of making up and breaking up

We so much loved each other, and NEW 100% in our own hearts that we were meant to be! But as we got older, and the way we managed our relationship!

The roller-coaster ride gets harder and harder…

This relationship roller coaster needs cleaning for getting back with my ex wife

Getting back with my ex wife was looking very grim! And with all that shaking over the rocky roller coaster (and just leaving the rocks in the way, from making the rail smoother), eventually it all just came, CRASHING DOWN!

At that time! We HAD two Very beautiful girls🙂 INVOLVED in our HEARTACHE’S!…

And the thing that has had the most  IMPACT on me! Was that, what WE were DOING!

Was SHOWING our girls! A different! But Similar if not worse CYCLE of relationship blues…

Looking back on it now! I can say, that all I was doing was “Living in a life” and just doing stuff that “I KNOW” from what I had LEARNED!!!

For me to get back with my wife and girls! We, meaning both parties would have to be HAPPY! No more excuses to make things seem alright.

There is more to life! If you WANT to have more…
I have the ability to clear the rocks off the roller-coaster! To make Getting Back With My Ex Wife A REWARDING Journey.All I needed was to figure out how I could do it.

We all have the ability to create our own road we want to live, as we can all LEARN to make it as smooth as we like. But the journey has got to stop for just a little bit, and a decision does need to be made.

Activate Your own WILL to Make the positive Changes To Make A LOVE WORTH LIVING! The only thing you have got to loose are many more Broken HEARTS!

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