Communication Can Drive Your Ex Away: Simple Change Makes All the Difference

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The way we talk to each other with out thinking about what and how we say things is enough to make a great relationship very very bad..

This IS one of the most overlooked misfortunes in life,  MOST of us are totally unaware and just blurb out however we see fit, unknowing to how our talk sounds to a recipient.

The Video Below Underlines The BIGGEST MISTAKE we Make people talking to people!

Progress doesn’t happen over night, but once you know something you can work on it:)

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4 thoughts on “Communication Can Drive Your Ex Away: Simple Change Makes All the Difference”

  1. Things get even more complicated after people break up. Some people beg their ex to come back which I think has a negative effect and just makes things worst. I agree with you that, communication with a desperate mindset also does not help in any way. People should be more careful and understand the girls psychology before their next move. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good Morning Robert,

    Well, I should start by saying I am 68 so I have seen and experienced quite a few things in my life.

    3 Years ago I started a new relationship with somebody from an other continent. English is not my Mother tongue but I think I manage nicely. My better half had really some problems, just like me, as certain expressions are slightly different in meaning. Anyhow, we just laugh about it as we recognize the source of the problem.

    Since we started talking on the 7th of June in 2015 we have not stopped. We plan to reach 90 together and I think our life experience makes us realize what is important in life and that is love.

    Regards, Taetske

  3. Great post, it has no effect for me since I’m already married with the lady I wanted.

    But for my far nephew, who is having struggles with his love life, and especially with impressing and have contact with the girl he wants, this post will be a blessing.

    He knows how to talk, but sometimes he is shy to do it, but I think this video will let him realize that with a bit of effort he can do it.

    This post will change his life.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  4. I really appreciate it when people are able to talk seriously about these sort of subjective topics. The fact is that we are all so different and have different love languages in a relationship. Have had the experience in my own life in that I was raised in an emotionless pragmatic house where we solved problems logically. I then was faced with the real problem is that most women don’t operation that way and I was really struggling to relate to them as I lacked the basic communication skills and empathy understanding needed to effectively communicate. Since then the learning process has yielded good results but this issue I believe at the core of most relationship breakups.

    Thanks again for the effort in creating a platform to discuss this topic.

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