Heart Melting Letter To My Husband To Save Our Marriage Principles

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A Letter is a killer way to communicate in times your heart is crying out so badly and taking over your mind with obsession and all you can think is ” I Need My Husband Backto make this crazy heart ache to go away.” ? With this Letter to my husband to save our marriage template you could discover a fresh start.

Love can be such a ride sometimes huh. Everything you had going for you that led to a memorable engagement and then the greatest day of your life getting married to a man you can Have and Hold for the rest of your days. Disappears and tells you he doesn’t love you anymore and wants a divorce! Its a hell like ride you feel like you can’t handle. In desperation you want to beg and plea and do anything bring him home.

best letter to my husband to save our marriage template

In this article I going to reveal a killer “letter to my husband to save our marriage” to offer the best chance to make it, break it, or help YOU move on. I know from my years of need that what I am going to cover with you can smash down any mans cast iron walls, and make him want to stop and think! And be more than probable to say the least. Talk about it with you.

Get cozy, grab a pen and paper, maybe some tissues so we can make a sample letter to save “Marriage” based on breaking down emotions and laying down the shield! —>Even if he left for another woman.<—

Your Letter To Your Ex Husband To Get Him Back Emotional Breakdown.

First it’s really important to understand within yourself how to get back inside his heart to make it possible for him to consider the possibilities that you could still have spark, even if it’s just a little shimmer of friendship. This can be done with clever crafting of a great letter that a man hears to his core. Based on principles that every male on earth can’t resist.

You know people query a lot if God can save my marriage. And the short answer to that is only if you can help yourself.

You are doing that right here🙂

From man to lady, my heart has been, seen and understood much heartfelt frustration of lost love, and I know what it takes to truly tap back in, to open the channel to find out if there’s anything left.

make a letter to be irresistible to him

So Let’s Get to it and Understand How to Create Your Letter to Win Him Back!

  • You and your husband fell in love!
  • something happened?
  • Your love became distant?
  • You began to disagree, fight and argue?
  • Love turns to what seemed to be hate like?
  • Somebody shut down or exploded?

The questions above here are relatively important for success not to just answer in your beautiful mind:) but to write down your story behind them. NOT neccesarily to write the preliminary letter, but it’s your story! And putting it on paper brings clarity and helps to clear your mind to make preparation for your killer letter to your husband if your want to save your relationship. I share my own story to get back my wife freely if you want to check it out before you begin.

A marriage takes work to keep it real, and this is work! And you can make it happen with effort by emptying your chest and get some feeling of relief. You are most welcome to be brave and blurb it out in the comment section below and get my feedback, guidance or just some plain compassion and reassurance.

Even if your just writing a husband after a fight and you aren’t separated or heading for a divorce, asking yourself the Q’s above is good process to follow.

Letter To My Husband To Save Our Marriage Objective.

This maybe not what you had in mind as the kind of letter you imagined you would be writing but if you follow this kind of key points your husband will have much less choice to believe that you are worthwhile! And not needy and desperate which is what ENDS in Failure nearly all the time.

All we want to achieve with a letter to rekindle after a separation is a line of communication that is mutual and without prejudice.? To save any marriage from divorce or separation it is a must to have clear air and all the heartfelt emotion put in the “to do” box. For a much later calmer time when you are both at the willing. More often than not it’s just one big issue and many of the other issues are just fragments of a broken vase.

10 key Principles For Writing A Letter To Your Man He Can’t Resist To Respond

example letter to my husband after a fight

This list below here is designed to help your husband relax from any tension built up from HIM to YOU! If you can craft your self a base letter going of these principles he will immediately develop a sensation of OMG maybe I’m going to miss out on that life I once believed could have been.

  1. For your ex husband to be willing we want him to understand that you have let him go!:)
  2. We want him to know that you understand that this was the best for you both.
  3. You are sorry that it came to this but life was getting stressful.
  4. You are grateful, although it was difficult to show you RESPECT him for what he did and who he was to YOU.
  5. You understand why and it’s OK!
  6. It doesn’t matter anymore.
  7. You will never forget the days when your Love was so involved and Un-breakable
  8. You Forgive him
  9. His Friendship is dearly MISSED!
  10. Final words of anytime is a good time if you want a friend

Those principles offer him the way to see past the reasons why he left you. You may find it hard to see, but the point he sees is most highest likely to be that you have become somebody he can’t have anymore.

We humans love to have things we can’t reach. That desire in a man is most profound and if a letter based on the above points doesn’t rattle his cages you will know 100% without needing to carry on beating your self up, that it’s likely over and begin your journey to heal.

Roberts Killer Letter To Your Man To Win Them Back Template.

I’m going to write out a brief letter to give you something to go by. Just because I LOVE. I Care and humbly believe in saving love when it’s still very much there. The cycle the world drives today needs a change and we need to end the false prophecy of miss guided marriage.

Dear Lover ie Name

#I am writing to let you know I am OK, it was hard for a while but time flies and now I am on my own and I have found myself again. I forgot how this free feeling was. I realize that we got lost somewhere in our relationship and couldn’t deal with one and other for some reason.

if you have a key point to own. Own it here as a thing only

#  Things just got out of control and life wasn’t going well for either of us.

“If you have kids include them, and the stress it was having on them” NT if you have kids you will most likely have him hooked already:) But lets keep throwing the love yeah?”

#  I really want you to know that the way I was with you is almost the opposite to what I ever Imagined. The way I felt for YOU was never shown and I owe you some appreciation, because you were the guy who I wanted to put before anything else. I know you tried to love me.

#  If that didn’t happen? and it didn’t turn out to feel like it did, and I felt like I do now things could have been like it was but better. I know it’s too late and I completely understand that and accept it is the way it is.

“if you have kids. Offer them to be free between the two of you”

#  You did what you did, and I am glad now that you saved us both from each other, and I can’t help but still hold a little love to you just for that. I know we will both end up with the love we desire. Its good to be Free again after what went on.

#  When we dated fell in love and wanted to GIVE so much are days I will always keep fond in my memories. The lessons learned from this has been good in a way that it’s helped me to be less defensive and more open and understanding. 

#  You are and always will be a man I love, and still a man I respect. I wish to no longer share any hard feelings and offer my sincere forgiveness from everything that went on.

#  You will always be that guy who was somebody I could relate with so well, and that is what I will miss the most.

#  Life will carry on and we will get there. I am at peace with us and this letter was just to let you know everything so we can both make life better. Life is getting shorter and hating each other is not what we wanted. Thanks for being real.

I hope we can be friends.

Yours Peacefully

Save Your marriage letter signature.

That letter to your husband to save your marriage is the killer to all his ill feelings and is capable to have him back in no time at all.

YOU Can be more prepared and have him melting in your hand by watching this FREE Video Clicking Here. 

Quick Tip Video For The Letter To Your Husband Before A Divorce

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24 thoughts on “Heart Melting Letter To My Husband To Save Our Marriage Principles”

  1. I’m not too sure about this. I dint feel that way. What if he says,” okay, glad you understand?” or something. I don’t want us to be “ Free” as you say. I want my husband back. It could be a possible midlife crisis. I do believe he is believing Satans lies, that he’s happier without me. Marriage is a covenant between God, husband & wife. Praying for him and writing a letter telling him I will continue to pray for him and honor him as his wife is what God would want. I’m not comfortable saying things like this that aren’t true. They could backfire. To say, it would get him back is false.

  2. Writing a letter to your husband or partner is a great idea, as often when one tries to communicate verbally, the words don’t come out like you want them to. At least by writing it down you can say exactly what you mean and edit it as many times as you like.

    You have given up some great ideas here on how to put the thoughts into words, and the nice part is that you have provided options for people wanting to get another chance, or simply closure of a relationship.

    1. Robert Martin Lees

      Hey Michel. thank for offering your reinforcement of how powerful the method is, Your right though, one can say anything they like in a letter and have plenty of time to reflect and adjust their words to hopefully get it right in the end. Not to mention the actual romance. 🙂

      Cheers Rob

    2. I’m having a hard time writing a letter .He was on dating sites etc. I want our relationship to rekindle , I want to forget this ,so does he .Don’t know where to start.?

  3. Good day, I’m pleased to meet you. This piece of writing is so important, everyone should read this. There are many breakups out there, and partners may be lacking some key principles to bring their lovers back. Well, I agree with you that any man can’t resist to respond to the letter with the key principles you outlined. This is helpful to bring a husband back indeed.

    1. Robert Martin Lees

      Hey Koko. Great that you have stopped by. 

      It is great to hear an endorsement from another man, it humbles me to know that there is a possibility that this article will indeed help and save some love from breaking amonst the turmoil in the world.

      Many blessings Rob

  4. Is it recommended to wait a while before writing a letter like this? My fiancé broke up with me two days ago, and I’ve sent emails pleading him to come back to me, and I think it’s made things worse. Should I wait a few weeks, or months before I write him a letter like this?

    I love him more than anything, and I will get him back. I’m determined. I just need to be strategic about it, and if time to himself is what he needs, I’ll do that. So, please let me know what you recommend about the time frame of sending a letter like this. Thanks!

    1. Hi Stephanie.
      Going by what you said in your comment on the infatuation script pdf article, it certainly sounds like your situation is very fresh.
      I can imagine your despair right now. It is highly advised to let the both of you have the time to collect your emotions and get them back in a positive check. I would wait at least a few days before sending off a letter especially to become more relaxed to write it.
      And then place all determination to understanding how to fix things up and get ready to shock him with your new found desire to be in love with only him.:)

      Thank you for reaching out, and I really hope things work out.

      Cheers Rob

  5. Love is a complicated subject and up to this day I am still trying to understand it. Especially marriage, I feel like it is a workshop. I am still working on mine and we have a lot of compromising to do. Thanks for making the words in caps and bolded. Out of all the words you stressed, I think RESPECT is the most important one. We are emotional being, we sometimes act on our emotions so I think it is important to let your spouse know that you respect him or her and that was just pure impulses. 

    The killer letter samples are amazing, I am saving them to my note 🙂 

    1. Robert Martin Lees

      Hi Nuttanee. 

      I Agree, Respect is a founding factor to own in “Real Love” and I think our emotions can get so out of whack with all of the outside influence that constantly bombards relationships today.

      I am glad you have saved the Letter and I hope it help you and many others to save their relationship through both the Good and Bad times. 

      Thank you for caring.:)

      Regards Rob

  6. Wow, it’s amazing seeing such a post. Marriages and homes have been torn apart as a result of bad communication level or the inability of one party to apologize to the other in words that would calm them down and make them reconsider their option of leaving the marriage or home. Not everyone has the sugar-coated tongue to persuade, and that is why i see this tips on letters to save ones marriage very important.  I hope it saves a marriage. Best regards

    1. Robert Martin Lees

      Hi Benson. Yes so many it honestly breaks my heart. 

      That tongue you speak of,is a very important ingredient which should understood well before entering in a marriage. But there are many others occurrences where that open letter communication was there, but got LOST too. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!:) 

      I too hope in everyday that a marriage can be redeemed from learning lessons of such. 

      Cheers Rob

  7. In the world today, divorces are getting more popular than TV stars. Even the TV stars are getting a divorce. The issue is quite a thing and people need to learn that that is not the way. A friend I know just had a divorce as well but i think that even the husband can write a letter to save the marriage and not just the wife. I think your tips are really good ones though and they will be of great help to anyone that is almost looking to a divorce. Nice work you have here.

    1. Robert Martin Lees

      Hi John. You are quite correct it is plain and simply a growing trend, and that should be proof enough to realize that something must not be quite right in the way the relationship is working. 

      A husband writing a letter to save his marriage is something I advocate also. I work purely subject to hope that I may help that change.:) 

      I appreciate your words and input

      Thanks for stopping in, all the best Rob

  8. Your post is very powerful and I think that many people will find it very useful. The way you have written this and started with the analysis of the whole issue is very good. I totally agree that to make things right, one needs to tap into the emotions because after all, that is exactly where everything started off from. The sample letter is a very good guide as well. I admire this post. Nice work here.

    1. Robert Martin Lees

      Hi Henderson. 

      Thank you kindly for saying that! It is important to dig into the root cause before you can save a marriage.

      Great of you to stop by:)

      All the best Rob

  9. Dear Robert,

    With the increased divorce rate on our society, your posts are very helpful and you are doing a great service via your posts.

    In our youth team, we have members with a broken relationship who ask for advice. I am planning to bookmark your post and I am going to share your post with those members.

    Oops, I felt like crying while reading this post. Rebuilding a relationship is hard and breaking it is very easy.

    Thanks for the Great inspiring post! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others. You have provided great advice and tips. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

    Much Success!


    1. Robert Martin Lees

      Hi Paul. 

      I am so glad to have touched your emotions:) with this. I am grateful for your compliment and faith to want to share my words with your group. I will pray that they see it helpful to discover new and bright direction in their relationships. Thanks for stopping.

      All the best Rob

  10. I believe that most marriages somehow, if not will, experience a stage of falling apart. This situation can either make the relationship stronger or dwindle along the way. Your principles in saving marriage is one of the effective ways to either keep the love or move on with each other but still with respect and affection. Your words are beautifully written and could really change everything into a better situation. I think it’s necessary to point out the meaningful days and remarkable events of the marriage so as to bring back the memories of fondness and love. All relationships deserve to be saved from unwanted split up or divorce. Writing a letter is a good way to pour your heart out sincerely. Sometimes, too much talk result to alienation amd misunderstanding as both parties wanted their piece to be heard. Unfortunately, some would even go far as cursing and exchanging hurtful words. It’s different when you write a letter because you can reflect on your actions and end up choosing the right words without hate and negativity. Thanks for sharing this. It can save a lot of relationships and continue the grace of marriage. 

    1. Robert Martin Lees

      Hi MissusB. Thank you for your valuable add here:)

      You are absolutely correct, that most marriages will have bumps like separation. In fact it is statistically said that even the strong marital bonds will take roughly 10 years to iron out the edges and become a satisfying unity.

      The POWER of writing a Letter is becoming far to under rated! And can be used in many situations not just to save a marriage. Like you said by having that space to think clearly and choose your words wisely can make a very deep impact into the heart of the situation.

      My desire to help and save love is very passionate! And I often prayer that I reach those who truly want and need this type of direct and honest advice.

      Many Blessings Rob

  11. WOW!!! Your article is fantastic; it would help millions of people to spark love again in their relationship. The principles are the practical thing that must be followed to have positive results, Sometimes saying sorry could build back a link and come back to life, your write-up is very educative and inspiring, I love it, thanks for sharing.

    1. Robert Martin Lees

      Hello Abayomi.

      Your compliment is very much appreciated! 🙂 Thank you. Say sorry can be hard for some. But sorry can be said is so many different ways. Being REAL is far more important than being sorry.

      Many regards Rob

  12. This is a great post and you hit the nail on the head. This article is all too needed in this day and age considering 99.99% of all relationships end in a train wreck. Most people quit on their marriage way too easily but it’s not supposed to be easy, it never was going to be easy, but the moment things don’t go as they use to, people freak out and crumble. Thanks for this eye opening post and I’ll be sharing it to my social media.

    1. Robert Martin Lees

      Thanks for you reassuring words Brandon. And I will also thank you on behalf the folks who may benefit from it. !

      All the best Rob

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