How Should Lovers Treat Each Other- How Should Love Be

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Not knowing How SHOULD Love Be is leading to a worldwide pandemic. In this article we are going to question your understanding and knowledge and see if we can get you on the right track. And Knowing How Lovers Should Treat Each Other for a Love that is worthy of Growth and Togetherness

What Do You know About Love, Have You Truly Felt It

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Change The Cycle, and learn the how’s and why”s of love

kia ora, all visitor’s…

I welcome you to with open arm’s..

.I am a New Zealand man who has lived life similar to the one explained in the movie “once were warrior’s”…

I have found the strength to, Change the Cycle of the life that I have lived…

And I only write to show you where and how you can achieve this for your self!

And it is My Way, The Truth, and a damn better life…

Change The Way You Love Your life, And feel True Love

Changing the Cycle is Easy, If You aren’t a Weakling


What is it about love that’s so hard to express. I am asking you!

  • how much you know about love?
  • and if you are in a love relationship.
  • does it meet what you expect?
  • And what you can do about it

In my experience, I have felt more negative emotional heartache than what I have positive emotional love…

And as a wise Man I now blame most of it on myself, but with a catch22…

I have lived my life as a venturer from a very young age, In fact it started not by choice when I was about two years old.

I am from a broken marriage and I was 2yrs when my father left. He was an unhappy sort of a man who loved to drink alcohol.  Much like a lot of us but we shouldn’t really when we are in a negative frame of thought…

My mother was also not a very positive person, and it took years before she finally began to acknowledge real life, and “enjoy” it.

And if you have got some understanding you will know that I have just explained my


I am myself in a Relationship now of 20+ years, on and off, and have had some real positive times!  But to be honest with you, the negative indefinably overpowered the good. And after a very long personal battle I finally looked at myself and looked at the “why”!

Knowing what the word and the Meaning of “Love” is as easy to learn as A B C.

The biggest social behavioral problem in the world today is! How Should Lovers Treat Each Other

That we Do Not Learn how to express it in the matter’s, that it needs to be. Everywhere I look, I am seeing so many of young people digging themselves a big hole with an over starving infatuation of unrealistic needs and wants.

And in fact looking back I can see not much change from when I was a young boy.

The only thing that has changed is Technology, and that has changed heaps since the “Beginning”…

Talking with a lot of older people, and listening to there understanding of real life I can see that there life has had plenty of similar patterns.

The subject that I am trying to point out here is my new favorite Topic, and I believe it should be a topic of the 21 century, and that’s changing the cycle, a very imperative subject that needs to be addressed.

I personally have a heart that bleeds for all the people out there, young and old that has not yet felt the positive energy of “Love”.

And I say that due to the fact it took me 32 years to really experience it to its full capacity… And I mean the real stuff.!

I want you to know it feels awesome, and you can not ask life to be better.

And with the power of the greatest tool of the 21st Century, “the internet” the answers, the help, and solution’s are right at your fingertips and I would encourage you to have a look at the website below and see if there is something that has interest to you…

I wish you guy’s a life of happy love,and I am constantly thinking of those of you who need to fight to achieve it…

And I want to let you guy’s Know that I am on your side…

Kia Kaha… “be strong” from yourkiwiboy NZ


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