Infatuation Scripts Review: Is This Make Him Sure A Scam Or The Real Deal

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What is COOL is that you are wanting to be 100% sure that you don’t end up in a relationship with a guy only to have him rip your heart out. In this Infatuation Scripts Review I believe you will discover if this kind of knowledge can prevent you from experiencing that kind of Crap love. And whether or not this program will increase your chances to really encapsulate his heart.

  • What do you reckon? Could it be, that the infatuation scripts pdf be end all of feeling like your just being used for SEX.
  • Can it really FREE you from the not knowing if the guy you adore actually turn out to be a keeper?
  • And perhaps even make a go of having a relationship without childish controversy?, and the authors are dedicated to provide genuine quality advice, and highly regarded information to SAVE and PREVENT damaging relationships.! So please, if you want to make him sure, stick around and look into this credible infatuation scripts review.

doubtful about make him sure infatuation scripts review
Can you end the DOUBT with the Make Him Sure Program. And finally be in a happy and secure relationship with MR Right.

One thing thing I know for sure is that millennial relationships are struggling to meet the expectations s of what’s presented in the movies, media & magazines. The inspiration to present this “infatuation scripts review” to see if it may be a scam or actually something that will be empowering to any individual is what drives I purchased Clayton Max and his Make Him Sure System , read the infatuation scripts pdf ebook, listened to downloads of subliminal audio files, and watched the video recap series. So with that been said let’s…

Lets See If This Infatuation Scripts Review From is a scam or the real deal

♦After being exposed to the T W Jackson’s girl gets ring system and knowing what it did for my relationship and the intuition it provided for my wife, I got the realization that it was crucial to focus on seeking out the best with helping couples understand and accept each other.

As this is the missing link to have a rewarding and almost problem free relationship, with a man you’re sure you want to be 100% sure about you!. And Vice versa. That understanding is how you create your happy long loving relationship. It is often important to be sure of that what you know about how the opposite of sex reacts to life’s differences.

With me being extremely selective to what gets published and even endorsed on this website I can assure you right now that the make him sure system and infatuation scripts review,  it is certainly not a scam in any way shape or form.

Here’s What You Get Inside “Make Him Sure System” Discovered Within My Infatuation Scripts Review

Make him sure consist of three main learning channels as explained below.

  1. Highly descriptive ebook
  2. Multiple subliminal audio transcripts
  3. Video recap series going over each chapter of the book
Complete infatuation scripts make him sure review

And it doesn’t stop there, just to make this for sure everyone is going to love what is delivered inside the make him sure system they through these extra bonus’s

make him sure review bonus ebooks
  • The commitment calculator
  • Make any man yours for life
  • Why men shut women out

What I Found In The Infatuation Scripts Pdf With My Make Him Sure Review

The make him sure program & ebook is called, “Infatuation Scripts” the written by Clayton Max and is broken down into 4 main categories. There are 103 pages of highly descriptive content covered by 21 chapters breaking down each of these categories.

Here is the table of contents.

  • Introduction to Clayton and where is knowledge and understanding of comes from.
  • What is infatuation
  • What triggers infatuation
  • How to use the program
  • Uncertainty : What is uncertainty
  • Why is uncertainty important
  • Triggers: 1/independence
  • Triggers 2/qualification
  • Triggers 3/a barrier
  • Investment: What is investment
  • 1/set his expectations
  • 2/reciprocity
  • 3/shaping
  • Curiosity: Why is it important
  • The mindset
  • How to kill curiosity
  • Arousing his curiosity
  • Hook: 1/ contrasting qualities
  • 2/ Intrigue loop
  • 3/ Teasers
  • Lastly a great few words and of wisdom from Clayton Max.
will he make him sure review love you

This program to learn how to Make Him Sure that you are the women he WANTS to spend the rest of his life with is the best I have seen thus far, and I really enjoyed doing a “full” make him sure review. And have no doubt in my mind that if you want to save your self many many fights, arguments, and heartache.? The value you will get from this program will lead you in the right direction.

I guess thats why it is back with a full 100% 60 day money back Guarantee huh.?

infatuation scripts review button

The Infatuation Scripts PDF is making it’s promise a reality to just SOME lady’s willing to desire the relation

Particularly in young love, but also many mature relationships, the possessive power on “infatuation” can be very dominant and confused with how love should be. And to be honest that is mostly derived from simply not knowing, and yea, looking into the content inside my infatuation scripts review I was like, Far out! If we understood this years ago we would have saved so so much of the un-real that caused fights and separations. No Kidding.:)

However, I am a male and although I love and have a HUGE desire help you and save you from much of the suffering we have experienced in our relationship. And the thousands I consistently witness! This Infatuation Scripts Pdf From Clayton Max is not quite satisfying to number of women.

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25 thoughts on “Infatuation Scripts Review: Is This Make Him Sure A Scam Or The Real Deal”

  1. Thjs program sounds very interesting, but does this only apply for people in an active relationship? I was engaged, and I said something that I thoroughly regret a couple days ago. He is planning to change his work schedule, which would make our time together much less. Out of stress from a lot of things going on in my life, I said, “maybe you should find a new girlfriend. I don’t want our relationship to fade into nothing”. It made my ex snap emotionally, and now he wants nothing to do with me. I didn’t mean it, but I was so stressed with the aspect of less time with him, that I said something really hurtful, and I now regret allowing stress to control how I behave. I know we are compatible, we have a spark that is insane, and when things are good with us, it’s magical. I want to be with only him, and no one else.

    So, my question is. Would this program be good for getting him back? I need to know how I can fix the mistakes I’ve made. I can be an emotional rollercoaster, and I need to work on not allowing my emotions govern my actions.

    Please let me know if this program would apply to my situation, or if you know of something else that will. Thank you!

    1. Oh Stephanie, I can say as funny as it sounds, “I know this situation very well” and is the type of issue that has had impact on my own relationship. Time is a precious thing and going through a program like this is learning how to make him desire your time!:)
      I think Infatuation Scripts by Clayton Max is a perfect program to increase his desire to want you and would go hand in hand with my strategy on how to get my husband back fast with understanding article.<<< I am truly sorry to hear your situation, but thank you for sharing. Please don't hesitate if I can be of any further help. Best Regatrds Rob

  2. Just got off from dating a man. Everything was going great until suddenly he started using me as a therapist. He told me about his previous encounters with women and I listened, supported. I didn’t go to bed with him, was being myself, funny and caring, I wasn’t always available, was trying to come up with weird and funny stuff. Suddenly he just started to withdraw, he didn’t keep his promises. I asked about it and he said that he was still thinking of a girl from few months back that things didn’t even get serious with and the girl had left him for her ex. I said that he’s willing to ruin all the good things while sulking about something that wasn’t meant to be. So he gave up on me because that girl had done something to make him think about her even months later. I would love to know what that girl did. Maybe I just should’ve dated others and left his sorry ass as soon as I felt that he was only using me. Don’t know if a man withdrawing is always a bad thing, it saved me from a man that is self- centered and egoistic, afterwards I realised we only talked about his problems and his good qualities and his ups and downs. So if these qualities enter the game, infatuation shouldn’t be used because it’ll only land you with heartache.

    1. Oh, I am always so sorry to hear stories like yours. That is a case scenario that is ever so growing in this world. Unfortunately guys like that are generally only after one thing, and the I am so great but you should feel sorry for me character does work on many vulnerable but very lovely girls. I have seen my own daughter be lead down a track like this, as many other close friends and family.
      A Huge bullet point for my personal endorsement of the Infatuation Scripts Program is that REVEALS these types of personality’s and with the knowledge you can gain from it, one will know how to handle them, steer f guys with un-genuine motive.

      Thank you for sharing that with us here.
      All the best Rob

    2. Can I ask if it was a young lad or an older guy? Went through something similar, might have expected it off a youngster but not a more mature fella ?

  3. This is an interesting topic especially as so any relationships end up in disaster  in our modern world.  

    Just the other day I read of a couple celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary , my hubby and I are coming up for our 50th. 

    You have raised, I would suggest a modern day problem which needs some effective tools to resolve. We have a list of friends from our pre- marriage years who all but one are still happily married today.  What has triggered the change? Why do relationships fail so readily? I definitely see the need for a program such as the one you have reviewed here on Infatuation. 

    I watched the video from the link on your website and although I thought it was overly long taking forever to get to the point, it did conclude with some triggers or tips. It made a lot of sense and made me wonder if the problem today is that couples are too quick to jump into bed. The curiosity element is missing as all is revealed too soon.  

    Our marriage has lasted because we have a real sense of respect for one another and that has not waned with time. It may be an old fashioned idea but maintaining a relationship might mean refraining from a sexual encounter for some time.

    We have 3 children and all of them have failed marriages. I am really saddened by this as it affects more than just the couple involved, there are children to be considered and it is always a costly process too, so no real winners. That is why I can see the value in a program such as this.

    Thank you for your review. 

    1. WOW you guys are blessed to be at your golden anniversary years:) Story’s like that always make me so happy! And your friends coming up at 80yrs, that is amazing, I would love to witness an occasion like that, no kidding. And I must say sorry to hear about your children and grandchildrens circumstance. It is that reason why I am compelled to look into what look to be “life changer” relationship products and deliver the ones which I feel offer the most impact. To answer the questions you have mentioned I invite you to check out my own reflections of my why at this Getting Back My Ex Wife Story article. Thank you so much for your input here Judy, I wish you all the best. Many humble regards Rob


    You mentioned something very powerful while trying to round up your review, which is infatuation’s dominant possessive power which can be confused for love.

    Relationships will be forever be a mystery, the only domain where all mathematical formulas don’t apply. And there are many attempts out there to solve that mystery, so many that we don’t know how to choose the best. Your review about this program is very reassuring, and it’s definitely one that should be tried.

    Thanks for such a great and informative post.

    1. I love that mathematical statement, and so so true:) I do believe myself however, that relationship/love is a universal emotion and is the same in every aspect. Just understood differently for those from mars and venus. Kind Regards Rob

  5. This seems like it would be a valuable program for a lot of couples.  So many couples have doubts and insecurities in their relationships, and are often quick to start a fight or get divorced, this could be helpful to them.  While it’s more geared toward women, I think it could benefit men as well.

    1. It is great for men also, and can be a great program to work through with your partner:) And you are absolutely correct about insecurities! They alone are a major cause to push loved ones away. And the information offered inside this program teaches how to control and leverage that fear into a positive, which is exciting in my mind. Thanks for Sharing Jenny. Much love, Rob

  6. This is something that is every common topic for everyone. How to love someone the right way and make them stay. I’ve been married for almost eleven years and still don’t have the answers. Often times the children become the center of the relationship.Many times pride can get in the way of getting a formal education about how to do something that seems so simple. I could definitely benefit from reading this.

    1. Hi Kye, yes we are throughout the world trying so hard to have a great loving relationship. Yet so confused about so much even after many years. Infatuation scripts honestly brings much of the frustration to light. I know you’ll enjoy going through the entire contents with a very positive effect on your relationship. Best wishes Rob

  7. I am going to recommend this Infatuations Script PDF to a friend of mine because she still has a problem committing to a long term relationship. Or at least I think she has trouble believing someone can love her or that she just has trouble trusting men. Based on your positive review and all the contents I think this would be a tremendous help. Thank you.

    1. Hi Lev, you are a good friend bro:) and I am sure that the entire content offered inside the Make Him Sure Program will be enlightening for her, and no doubt boost her confidence Ten fold. And thank you your positive comment. Regards Rob

  8. julienne murekatete

    Very interesting topic about infatuation. I can Understanding the importance of infatualtion in relationship as it can  prevent lots of arguments and misunderstanding among couples.Thank you for your review of Make Him Sure program. In your review, this program contains many helpful information.I’m interested to learn more about uncertainty and curiosity ,jealousy and cheating among couples.

    Look forward to hearing from you


  9. Very interesting topic about infatuation. Understanding the importance of infatualtion in relationship is definitely going to prevent lots of arguments and misunderstanding.

    Thank you for your review of Make Him Sure program. In your review, this program contains many helpful information.

    I’m interested to learn more about uncertainty and curiosity, so as to have better relationship 🙂

    1. Afternoon Christine, and thanks for stopping by:) I am really happy you enjoyed the review here. And I would like you know that the program covers the two topics you wisely wish to know more about.

      Much Love Regards Rob

  10. I have never used anything like this but it looks very interesting. I am happy now that when I see a checklist or questionnaire on the strength of your relationship we get a great score. I was careful to make sure I knew I was with the right person before I got married. My husband had been divorced so he was much more cautious than me. It took him years to propose but we always loved each other and have been together for 10 years now. We never broke up or separated. So many people seem to either rush into marriage or never want to get married at all. I think this system would be very valuable to help people make sure they are with the right person. 

  11. Hey 

    I think it’s a great program for both of the partners, though meant to be for the girls.  Infatuation scripts main focus is on  emotional involvement with the partner.  The Secret of a good relationship is in the way you make them feel emotionally.

    I have read some reviews about this program and sounds really great as it offers other bonuses also like – Make Any Man Yours for Life – Amy north, the author of this report is not only a dating and relationship coach, but also a bestselling author.



    1. G’day Shubhangi, Thanks for your valuable thoughts. And I must express my accord with your statement to how infatuation Scripts can be good for men also. After getting full access and looking threw the content I would have to say there is a heap of info to benefit us guys also. Which actually makes it more valuable really:) Because once you have it, you can use it and share it with your loved one.

      Blessings Rob

  12. I think that curiosity and infatuation are some really important steps in cultivating a relationship that may be a lifelong relationship! 

    This course seems like a wise investment for many people and couples! I really like the idea of having an actual process to follow and not just leaving things up to happenings and circumstance! 

    Great review ! Keep up the awesome work! 


    1. Hi Mike, Thanks for those encouraging words bro!:) To learn and understand infatuation gives so much control over knowing how great a relationship can be. The program is brilliant and breaks everything down offering light to so much of what creates confusion. All the best, Rob

  13. Interesting product. I’ve been with my husband for over a decade and a half now, so it might seem weird for me to look at these types of products. However, I frequently run into young women who are dying to find out how to keep their man interested and build his confidence in them. This would be the perfect resource.

    1. Thanks Genesis. This is remarkably good specifically for younger who want those things and more. I see it as being a missing link to what is being overlooked typically in young and mature love that experience doubted emotions in love.

      Many Regards Rob

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