Can God Save My Marriage

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Prayers to save my marriage seemed to fall on deaf ears at many times, as I was waiting for God to grant me the miracle to put love of me back into the heart of my wife. The thought of my marriage ending was the only thing taking control of my mind and in desperation I was pleading with him, and telling him how much I want my wife back from separation so much I will do anything. For long time I did all I believed that God would like for him to Help save my marriage, and for a long duration I felt let down by God and was loosing sight of love in general.

please God save my marriage from divorce

Was I Doing The Wrong Thing For God To Want To Help Me Win Back My Wifes Love?

Prayers to get my wife back were at the tip of my list but felt that it was’wasn’t enough for God. So I believed he wouldn’t help because I didn’t practice my religion enough so I began to attend Church regularly and tried hard to try hard to tell my spouse of my new beginnings thinking that she may be touched by such events.

Frustrated I was still going nowhere and The Heavenly Father was’wasn’t helping I began to question whether our marriage was right in Gods eyes and perhaps I needed to think a little more deeply and question that?. This however led to a more depressive state as I didn’t want to let go of what I believed was my soul mate.

Was it that I was ignoring all that God was telling me and that my mind power was greater than that from my heart? As it is in our mind where we have Free Will. And in our Hearts we have the connection given through the Holy Spirit. Which perhaps was a crucial understanding I was missing.

Can God save my marriage with the holy spirit

Oh Yes I Was Lacking The One Tool God Granted Us To Learn Everything Including How To Save My Marriage.

In the event of truly grasping Gods message and I made a video for my brothers on How Can A Christian Man Win His Wifes Heart Back which is packed with revelation from God to me. The details shared in this video are universal and what is shared has relevance to all the lady’s seeking help from God to rekindle their relationship as well.

Opening your heart to the Spirit of God and closing your mind off from worldly influence you can and will see a dramatically significant in your entire prospectus to your life and all the troubles your need to deal with. The deliverance of the Holy Spirit was a primary objective and purpose of Jesus

Seeking The Holy Spirit Is the Only Help God Has Offered In Crisis And Troubled Marriages.

Jesus Christ Lord and Saviour was granted passage to be present on earth to deliver hope and education of the truth of Gods word. As many know that his journey as a preacher of the gospel didn’t begin until he was 30 years old. It was also a fact that he didn’t begin his ministry until HE was FILLED with the Holy Spirit. As it is he who speaks directly from the will of God to You, Me and anybody who invites him to be present in their heart.

It was this discovery/understanding that I needed to properly hear what God was relaying to me from my prayers to save our marriage. And wake me up from the misery of not getting back with my wife. Loosing my wife was a hard lesson for me to learn but looking back on the journey I have no regret. And I believe it has given me purpose share stories like this to help others in any way possible.

Can I save my marriage with the Holy Spirit? Well still nothing is a certainty however the due change for the likely hood your spouse wanting to acknowledge and believe that you have become worthy of another consideration to reunite in holy matrimony.

God Can Only Help Those Who Help Themselves!

I am sure that some time in your life you would have heard that phrase. Well in terms of him helping get your marriage back on track it becomes paramount! The broken relationship cycle occurs from many different categories, from adultery to physical and or mental abuse but no matter it was you need to identify everything. Realize everything for yourself before God can begin to intervene through the Holy Spirit.

What I found the most difficult thing I found with my “save the marriage review” of what went wrong was hearing the biased stories from everybody around me and deciphering the difference to what I was feeling that God was trying to clarify. If you truly want to receive the help of God to save your marriage you are best to keep it between you and he.

Suggested Prayer To Save A Marriage From Divorce

Praying is something God loves, and as you receive more of the Holy Spirit and your vision becomes clear so that of your prayers. So here is my guideline for you to begin a successful prayer to save your marriage.

Heavenly father thank you for guiding me into your light of divine love and wisdom. I am before you now to plea for you to have mercy on me and bless me with your grace father, thank you God for giving us your son so we can be called to be judged by you. Father I pray upon you today to seek your Holy Spirit yo be in me father so I can be closer to you, and be blessed with your will.

God I really love my spouse and feel life to be hard without them. If it be your will please begin your guidance with the Holy Ghost and show me if it should be. Fix me God help me to love by your design and not of this worlds. I give my life to you lord. Thank you, God! In Jesus name. AMEN…

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