6 Powerful Tips How To Have The Relationship You Want

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How to have a relationship without getting hurt, is simply learning the fundamentals of what makes great relationships work. In today’s society very young “children” are getting into relationships believing that they are in love. But not really knowing what the heck love is, The reason’s this is occurring is a whole new topic so I won’t exactly be covering that in this article, but it is coming soon.

The Basic Fundamentals To Have A Great Relationship Are As Follows.

how can you have a healthy natural relationship

1/ Don’t Do What Everybody Is Doing.

By that I mean the large percentage on information you see on TV, and media as it is mostly a lie designed to confuse us all. Also, from people in your life who don’t have a great track record of having good success in their own relationship most likely lead you down a road of failure.

2/ Ensure Your Own Inner Happiness.

This is a big one, and most relationships always end up in failure because one or both parties have underlying personal issues that haven’t been dealt with. In long term relationships the mask of pretending everything is OK can only hide the truth for so long. As you could imagine unless you were open about stuff and your partner was supportive to helping find resolution, being unhappy and insecure will lead to big problems.

3/ Be Sure It’s Actually Love.

Rushing into a relationship not knowing whether your actually in love, can really lead to GREAT HEARTACHE. Over 85% of people are doing this young and old. Are basing their believed to be “love” on physical attraction and infatuation.

4/ Remember Who They Are.

Another guilty fault people are missing in how to have a good relationship is not accepting the partner for who they are and constantly try to change them. Sure we all have bad habits, that may need correction. But making someone change their personality is the biggest turn off known to man kind.

5/ Encourage Their Goals.

How to have a good relationship, this advice is the red-hot trigger. We all love encouragement right? As we all should have life goals and things we want to achieve. It is really important to get to know what our partner wants, and more important to share and care how they get there.

6/ Love Them And Trust Them.

Learning exactly what triggers your partners buttons is what keeps them interested in you for always. Trusting them is what makes lovers stick around. Not trusting someone who loves you, pushes them away. And can often cause the heart to stray.

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